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Why Shielding and Barrier Lotions are Superior to Basic Moisturizer Lotions

Why Shielding and Barrier Lotions are Superior to Basic Moisturizer Lotions

You work with your hands. You have always worked with your hands. They are why you are so successful and it shows that you expect much from them.  You use a moisturizer and you wear gloves to protect them when you can.  But nothing seems to help for very long.  Why is that always the case? Is there a better product out there that you just have not yet seen?

What is a Shielding Lotion?

Hand and body lotions come in two types.  The first is called moisturizing and it is chemically designed to be absorbed quickly into the top layer of skin.  Used mostly for the purpose of improving skin texture, these products are readily available in a very competitive market. The second is known as a shielding lotion or barrier cream. Unlike the moisturizing type, this product is designed to sit on top of the skin as a barrier against anything that could damage the skin.   Shielding lotions are also readily available on the market but are often not as publicized as the other.

Why use a Shielding Lotion?

In some ways these two types of lotion are opposites.  The first adds moisture from outside the body. This is the opposite of how healthy skin is maintained and has its problems.   Typically the lotion needs to be applied over and over to keep the same amount of moisture in the skin.  A shielding lotion or barrier cream is different in that it protects the skin by keeping the natural moisture and oils in place. There are three types of barrier creams used in cosmetics. Briefly they are water repellant, water soluble and those created for special application.


Who should use a Shielding Lotion?

Shielding lotions can be used by anyone - male or female.  They help maintain the youthful appearance of skin just like a moisturizing cream but there are special circumstances in which a shielding product is by far better than a standard moisturizing formula. Ask yourself these questions to decide if you should switch.

  • Do you wash your hands regularly? - Professionals such as food service workers, day care staff, health care providers, and teachers wash their hands frequently as part of their daily routine. A shielding lotion would help protect the natural fluids and keep skin healthier. The World Health Organization has even recommended the use of barrier cream products for some professions because reduce cracked skin which can open up caregivers to infection.
  • Are you exposed to high heat? - Factory operations, auto repair,  laundry and cooking are just a few businesses that expose workers to high temperatures.  Dehydration factors heavily into worker health and how quickly skin becomes irritated. Used on the most exposed parts of the body, a shielding lotion can reduce the amount of natural fluids lost through the skin.
  • Do you work outside? - Anyone from a dog walker to traffic cop to road construction to beach patrol knows how easily a nice breezy day can dry skin.  Shielding lotions - especially those combined with sunscreen - can protect skin longer and more completely than a sunscreen alone.  Shielding lotions can be used on any part of the body so one product does both face as well as legs which might be exposed.
  • Do you use harsh chemicals as a part of your day? -  It may be difficult to imagine but hand sanitizer and other products that provide safeguards against bacteria and viruses also attack the skin.  Alcohol and bleach do not distinguish between human cells and germs. Using a shielding lotion as a regular part of a routine can protect skin from these causic products. 
  • Are you often in the cold?  - While winter does present its own special set of circumstances for dry skin, even being in a well air-conditioned room has the potential to dry skin. Work in a refrigerated environment such as a packing plant or cold storage warehouse and you have all the makings for dry skin. Providing a shield for that skin is far better than applying other lotions every few hours.


How does it Work?

Imagine what you would see if you looked at your dry, irritated, possibly cracked skin under a microscope.  The skin has several layers and moisture travels gradually from the bottom layer to the top one. Chemicals, sunlight, and dry cold wind can easily rob moisture from any unprotected skin.  If moisture leaves the top layer faster than the bottom layers can replenish it, then those skin cells die and become like tissue paper.  They may curl up at the edges or flake off. Either way the result is the itchy skin that feels like it is one size too small for your body.  Moisturizing lotions rehydrate the skin on a temporary basis.  Shielding lotions put down a barrier that protects the skin and does not wash off.  Contaminants cannot get through and natural oils are not lost.

How to Restore Skin

Human skin is remarkably resilient.  Dry skin can easily be a temporary and manageable problem.  Psoriasis is also well managed if handled in the right way. Here are just a few steps that might help to alleviate your dry skin and restore your skin’s youthful look.

  1. Stay hydrated. Even a good moisturizer cannot top the benefits of a well hydrated body. Drink plenty of water and avoid high caffeine sources which may act as a diuretic.
  2. Choose a good quality shielding lotion with a known protective ingredient such as zinc oxide, dimethicone or lanolin.
  3. Use a shielding lotion regularly for several days. Recommendations are to apply every 4 to 12 hours until skin looks and feels healthy.
  4. Avoid conventional moisturizers as they may interfere with the bonding of a shielding lotion.

The key to making this work is, of course, finding that effective and easy to use shielding lotion.  In today’s market, Gloves in a Bottle may be an excellent choice.

gloves in a bottle 16 ounce

Introducing Gloves in a Bottle

While barrier creams have been around for centuries, a new wave of formulas called shielding lotions have come on the market. Using new science and technology, these products are easy to use, comfortable to wear and provide long lasting protection.  Gloves in a Bottle is just such a product.  Manufactured in the USA, it has been on the market for just a few years and yet has enjoyed widespread acceptance - so much so that it recently expanded distribution into the global marketplace.  Gloves in a Bottle can be purchased through online retailers such as Amazon but also in a number of drug store and big box outlets. 

Why is Glove in a Bottle better than Others?

Any product can make claims as to its effectiveness and benefits.  It is a truly successful product that comes along and shows customers that it is a step above others. Not only is the product effective but the company has packaged it in several size. Finally, there are multiple benefits that enhance its use even when its protective qualities are not needed.


Proven Effective

While the formula highlights such natural ingredients as purified water and glycerin, the primary active ingredient in Gloves in a Bottle is Dimethicone. The substance is a man-made silicon based polymer which comfortably bonds to the top layer of skin creating an invisible “glove” that covers your hands each time it is used.  The relatively large size of the molecule helps keep the substance from sinking into and clogging skin pores.  Used effectively as a barrier for decades, Dimethicone is found in products diaper creams, hair conditioners and first aid ointments.  As such the formula does not wash off but comes off naturally as dead skin cells are lost. 


Large Product Line

Besides being effective, Gloves in a Bottle offers a wide range of products for many uses.  It even comes in a gallon size hand pump for use in heavy industrial operations.  Other package sizes include the small purse size (3.4 oz), a larger tube (8 oz) and a counter pump (16 oz) for the whole family to use.  A specialty of the line includes an SPF 15 version is sold in an 8 oz tube.  Bulk packages can be purchased as well as products that are pair with the SkinMD


Features of Gloves in a Bottle

Besides the obvious protective element of Gloves in a Bottle, this product also includes Glycerin, a very absorbable compound that naturally occurs.  Unlike some conventional lotions, this combination provides the best option for any person suffering from dry skin.  A few of those features include:

  • Non-greasy feel
  • Comes off naturally over time, does not wash off
  • Fast - absorbing
  • Long lasting through multiple hand washings
  • Treats Diabetic feet that need to stay dry
  • Odor and Colorless.

As anyone can see, this lotion meets or exceeds the competition and is clearly the better choice for daily use.

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