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The Importance Of Clean Water For Families

The Importance Of Clean Water For Families

Our bodies need a substantial amount of clean water in order to ensure our continued survival. One could say that when homeowners neglect the importance of clean water for their families, especially children and pets, they are placing themselves at increased risk.

Clean water is one of the world's most vital resources and those who wish to keep their loved ones safe should enlist the assistance of a water purifier. A great deal of the water that we drink is sourced from outside tributaries and by installing a water purifier we ensure the continued health of those closest to us.

While the water is typically treated before it arrives in our homes for bacteria and chemicals the methods used are far from foolproof. We need water for a variety of important daily tasks, including cooking, cleaning and bathing. The average human is also supposed to consume at least eight to ten glasses of water per day.  If drinking water is filled with contaminants this can cause numerous health issues. Using water purifiers may help. 

Water Contamination Can Happen Anytime and Anywhere
Did you know that the entities that are responsible for treating your water use chlorine in order to do so? The same chemical that is used to keep swimming pools clean is also used as a disinfectant for your drinking water.  And do we even need to mention the recent Flint water crisis where they ended up with lead contamination, started in 2014.

flint river

When we do not use clean water systems, trace amounts of chlorine can remain. If chlorine remains, this gives the water a slightly bitter taste and also causes a slight scent to linger. With a Berkey Water Filter, you can significantly reduce the amount of chlorine that makes its way into the water you are using to cook, clean and bathe with.

Internal Water Issues in Your Home
If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where your drinking water is not filled with contaminants, your own plumbing could still cause a number of problems. Dirty pipes are often to blame when it comes to our polluted water and since water must travel a fair distance before it reaches our homes.  Making sure that your pipes do not cause your pets or children to consume any contaminants is important to their long term health.

The pipes in your home could be clean but the remainder of the piping that the water must travel through may not be. There is no way for you to notice any salt, dust or dirt when the water arrives at your trap, which makes the presence of a water system increasingly important. The typical water system will filter out a number of contaminants and pollutants before they have a chance to reach your residence.

"Water that has been properly purified has no further traces of chlorine, bacteria or pipe related debris, but still maintains the same levels of magnesium, potassium and calcium."

Lesser water systems strip the water of all essential minerals, in addition to the harmful chemicals. Having clean, healthy water on tap means allowing all of the useful aspects to remain in place.

Perhaps most importantly of all, clean water is important for families who wish to enjoy the taste of the water that they use and consume on a daily basis. Water that is tainted and full of contaminants will give off a foul odor, in addition to an unpleasant taste. As those of us who have spent time in a home that was not equipped with a water purifier already know, the prospect of drinking tainted water and using it for household purposes is less than tantalizing.

In some areas of the country, water infrastructure is woefully underfunded, which means that homeowners will have to take their water safety into their own hands.  Water main breaks can often take place in major cities, leaving their populations to fend for themselves.  Then they are forced to boil water in order to survive in the interim.

Water filters allow homeowners to steer clear of such calamities and ensure their continued access to quality hydration. Otherwise, we are left at the mercy of undefined water infrastructure issues and there is simply no telling how long these issues can take to fix. There is a direct correlation between the quality of our water and the quality of our living. Those who neglect this connection are placing their families and pets at risk of exposure to harmful chemicals, bacteria and detritus.

Clean water has never been more important to the long term health and future of ourselves and our closest loved ones. If you would like to avoid the myriad of problems that will typically result from the continued exposure to substandard water, using a high quality water purifier is recommended.

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