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The Importance Of Clean Air In The Home

The Importance Of Clean Air In The Home

Did you know that your body takes in around a whopping 10,000 quarts of air on a daily basis? You can see why having clean purified air is important.  When our bodies are made to consume substandard air it can lead to a number of different health concerns.  Those who do not consider the importance of clean air in their home are left wondering what to do next.

Why Should You Be Concerned with Clean Air?
So why is clean air in the home and office so crucial to our health? For starters, this is where the vast majority of people spend the bulk of their time.   When we do not ensure our home's air quality we may be left to inhale substandard air throughout the night which may disrupt our sleep cycles.

A disrupted sleep cycle can lead to a number of additional issues. Lack of sleep can cause our work performance to suffer, lead to feelings of insomnia and also cause us to consume more sugary and salty snacks in an effort to wake ourselves up.

Our families and pets may also suffer when we do not make time to care for the air in our homes. Air purifiers are able to remove harmful particles and reduce the amount that can make their way into the home from the outdoors.

Airborne particles that have entered the home do not go away overnight and typically can remain suspended in the air for a period of several weeks. We then continuously breathe these particles in. It is almost impossible to remove them from the air without the use of an air filter. As we spend the bulk of our time indoors our exposure to these harmful particles increases.

In addition to installing an air filter, it is also important to reduce the amount of air that is entering your home from the outside. By combining an increased level of vigilance when it comes to allowing outside air in the home with an air purifier that is designed to remove pollutants from the atmosphere.  You are then able to safeguard the health of all family members and pets.

How Fast Air Can Circulate
One of the most crucial benefits that a homeowner can enjoy by taking a more proactive role in the air cleaning process is an increased ventilation rate. Most homes experience a rapid turnover rate when it comes to outdoor air and indoor air. On an hourly basis, a home will replace at least 10 percent of the air that is currently indoors with air from the outdoors.

This ventilation rate is even higher in homes where the windows remain open at a more frequent rate. You may live in an area where it is more economically viable to leave your windows open as opposed to running the air conditioner on a consistent basis. In this case clean air in the home becomes even more important as you are increasing your exposure to outside contaminants and pollutants.

While a small amount of ventilation is helpful when it comes to removing pollutants that have been created within the home's interior, even the most tightly restrained homes will have a large amount of air turnover each day.

Advantages of Clean Air
Deceased air pollution has a variety of useful effects. When exposure to fine particles is decreased, there is also a decreased risk of respiratory ailments. Other studies have shown that those who install air purifiers in their homes are able to avoid a number of different health complications, including heart disease.

When the body is exposed to harmful air pollutants this decreases the blood vessels' ability to produce helpful cells that are able to ward off the risk of disease. This is especially for outdoor air particles, which have been proven to cause asthma attacks in those who are susceptible and trigger early birthing.

As airways become increasingly inflamed residents of the home are more vulnerable to a variety of different illnesses. Since you are spending most of your time in the home it behooves homeowners to take all of the necessary steps towards safeguarding themselves.  Also safeguarding their loved ones and their pets from increased exposure to these unseen, yet dangerous, particles.

After all, many of us will ignore certain warning sings when they are caused by unseen circumstance. The majority of homeowners live in a universe where they are blissfully unaware of the issues that are caused by unclear air, which causes their problems to become magnified over the long haul.

Studies have also shown that homeowners who neglect the importance of clean air in the home also place themselves at risk for a higher rate of hospital admittance. A healthy home is healthier for everyone. When harmful particles and pollutants are allowed to collect inside of the home, small children and pets who reside in the domicile are placed at much greater risk. It is also difficult for the homeowner to diagnose the issue on their own, which leads to added medical costs and an increased level of health uncertainty.

Clean air in the home remains important for a number of different reasons, but the ability to keep your loved ones protected from unseen airborne predators certainly ranks at the very top of the list. By installing air filters and purifiers and creating an environment with less outdoor air pollution and an increased ventilation rate, you are able to greatly reduce all of the associated risks that come with exposure to harmful air.

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