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How Fissler Cookware Makes You a Better Cook?

How Fissler Cookware Makes You a Better Cook?

Fissler cookware has unique features such as puring rims, integrated measuring scales, stay cool metal handles, and we detail more below.  However can it make you a better cook?  It sure can, there are Crispy pans that utilize bases which through induction keep the temperature stable, Protect pans make sure nothing sticks.  Other features below allow your food to cook properly, taste better and look better.

Choosing the Best Cookware for Your Cooking Style
Isn’t it strange how two people can prepare a dish using the same recipe and ingredients, but one dish may taste better than the other one? Some folks will automatically assume that the person who prepared the less desirable plate of food, must have subpar skills in the kitchen. However, choosing the appropriate cookware to accommodate your cooking style is critical to the whole cooking experience. If a person cooks veggies in a pot that doesn’t distribute heat evenly or use an iron skillet when the recipe calls for a non-stick pan, the results can be very bad. Cookware is a wise investment for virtually everyone, but it can be an easy oversight if you are unaware of the importance of purchasing high-quality pots and pans. Perhaps you only cook for your own family or occasionally make dinner for a small group of friends. Maybe you secretly want to be the go-to person for a specific dish at every potluck dinner? This article will candidly discuss what should be considered when choosing good cookware, specifically Fissler. Fissler is a German manufacturer of high-quality cookware that possess cutting edge technology that makes it hard to mess up a good recipe. Fissler develops cookware to accommodate various styles of cooking and budgets. Let’s look a little closer at what matters in the world of cookware.


Understanding Cookware Materials

    • Nonstick pots and pans are the most common cookware on the market for a number of reasons. It is worth mentioning that nonstick cookware is convenient, reduces fat, and is more affordable than stainless steel. Nonstick cookware inadvertently helps reduce your use of oil, butter, and other fats which are typically used to prevent food from sticking. This type of cookware is super easy to clean after cooking, because food is less likely to stick to the pan. Although nonstick cookware is usually less expensive than stainless steel or copper, most nonstick pots and pans are composed of other materials like aluminum or stainless steel but coated with a nonstick material.
    • Stainless Steel is almost as popular as nonstick cookware, but a bit pricier. Stainless has a few positive qualities that can double as incentives for cooks to upgrade from nonstick, and only one quality that can be problematic. The pros are: stainless does not chip or peel like nonstick cookware, and last much longer. However, a big con is it can be a poor heat conductor. You can get around the heat problem by investing in higher quality stainless steel cookware, which can be a bit more expensive, but it eliminates the problem.
    • Aluminum is at the opposite end of the cookware spectrum from stainless steel. Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, lightweight and very affordable. However, raw aluminum is highly reactive to alkaline or acidic foods. It also tends to be very soft, which means that it easier to scratch and will warp in high heat.


The Benefits of Fissler’s Pans

Fissler PansNow that we know about some of the main types of materials used in cookware. It is time to look at the many benefits and perks of investing in Fissler’s line of cookware, starting with the pans. These pans are on a different level when it comes to the quality of material used and will provide an enjoyable cooking experience, even for those who lack experience in the kitchen. Fissler has developed three different lines of pans: a protect pan line, a crispy pan line, and a special pan line.


  • Protect Pan Line: includes a special non-stick coating that prevents foods from sticking.  These are built to last and even allow foods known to stick, such as cheese omelets, to slide out of the pan with ease. This type of pan should be used for gentle frying such as egg dishes, fried potatoes, or breaded food or fish. One important feature that is inclusive in Fissler pans is the integrated measuring scale inside the pan. It reduces the use of liquid measuring cups, because the inside of the pan has a marking showing the measurements. This line encompasses adamant pans which use a higher quality nonstick protective coating that is hard to scratch. This type of finish contains silicon carbide particles, which forms a very hard surface texture, hard enough to be able to use metal kitchen utensils on the nonstick surface.
  • Crispy Pan Line: is a line of stainless-steel pans that are ideal for all foods that need to be fried at high heat. This line possesses high-quality bases which are induction-compatible and remain stable even at high temperature to ensure the release of heat directly to the frying foods. The crispy pan lines have many attributes that are unique such as: specially shaped pouring rim on each pan, 18/10 stainless steel, and stay cool metal handles. The integrated measuring scale allows you to pour liquids into the pan without using a measuring cup. The selectable depressurizing function ensures a safe way to easily reduce pressure at the end of the cooking process.
  • Special Pan Line: This line is a combination of stainless-steel or nonstick but should be used when you need a pan with specific characteristics for special frying ideas. Fissler special pans gives you a bit of an edge in the kitchen when cooking specific dishes. These are wonderful additions to the protect and crispy line. For example, the Asia pan is great for wok dishes, while the low special crêpe pan is ideal for pancakes. The crêpe pan uses the Sensored technology which is a thermo-sensitive non-stick sealing that changes color to indicate the precise moment to put the ingredients in the frying pan. This line also has a special grill pan for gentle, low-fat frying with a grill effect. Can it get any better?


Benefits of Fissler’s Pots

It gets even better when we look at Fissler’s Pots. Who would have ever thought that the basic components that make up a pot can have so much to do with the taste of the food? According to Fissler, the most important characteristics of a pot includes the pot body, the base, the lid, and the handles.


    • The Pot Body: An excellent pot is solid and robust in quality. High-quality stainless steel is what you want, and is can be recognized from the 18/10 label which typically means 18% chrome, 10% nickel, 72% steel. Fissler’s pots are rust-free, easy to clean, hygienic, and dishwasher-proof.  The pot base and wall should be firmly connected to each other without any hollow space, when analyzing a good, sturdy pot. The inside of the pot should transition from the base to the wall in rounded manner, so that all parts can be reached with a cooking spoon or beater.
    • The base: High-quality bases are made of of stainless steel and possess a fully encapsulated aluminum core. We already learned that aluminum is an important heat conductor but tends to be soft. The aluminum core should not be exposed because it would be repeatedly washed out in the dishwasher, creating white stains. Thick bases with aluminum cores ensure optimal heat absorption, distribution, and storage.
    • The lid: Lids that are able to be tightly closed keep heat and liquid inside of the pot, which in turn, preserves the aroma and saves energy. Glass lids are nice because you can keep an eye on your food. Some lids are concave in shape, meaning they curve inward to ensure that the rising steam drips back into the pot. The original profi collection from Fissler all have concave lids for the pot, which makes the food even tastier and more succulent because the steam stays in the pot.
    • The handles: It is important that the handles are firmly connected to the top body and are comfortable in your hands when cooking. One of the most important things about the handles is that you do not want them to become too hot. Fissler’s stainless steel handles are dishwasher-proof and ovenproof.


Fissler’s Pressure Cookers

Fissler has been in the business of manufacturing pressure cookers for over 65 years. A pressure cooker is a nice addition to have in the kitchen, especially if you are seeking a healthier way to cook. How it works is fairly simple as it works using steam pressure. A sealed pot, with a lot of steam inside, builds up high pressure and cooks the food faster. This is great for those who are more health conscious because pressure cookers allow most of the nutrients to stay in the foods because of the manner in which they are cooked. Take a look at a few more benefits of Fissler’s pressure cooker:


  • Vitamin Content: You get about 213% more provitamin A in vegetables.
  • Electricity: Your energy needs are cut by 20 to 50%.
  • Nutrients: Almost 100% of nutrients are retained.
  • Time: Your cooking time is reduced by up to 70%.
  • Flavor: The natural flavor of food is maintained through the entire process.

You cannot go wrong if you invest in Fissler’s cookware. These pots, pans, and pressure cookers have everything needed to ensure that you make a delicious meal, despite your level of expertise in the kitchen. If you purchase any of these cookware sets and follow a good recipe, you will likely get someone asking for your recipe, but little do they know your secret weapon is your cookware set.

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