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Snurfer Snow Boards

Snurfer Snow Boards

My Kids love them, and I do too. It's great to be able to just grab one and hit any hill you find, even the back yard. No bindings necessary to strap your fee into. You just stand on the board and go. These work great on large hills and even small hills. They also work in just a dusting of snow. We now leave them in our truck in the winter so we can use them anytime. The quality construction of these wood boards is impressive.



What is a Snurfer? Snowboarding and surfing together? Snow boards typically lock your feet into place with bindings. However in the 1960’s a patent was issued for a short wide single board. At the time skiis were popular and of course there was one for each foot. This single board changed winter forever. No more two legged skiing or sitting on a sled to go down hill.

Snurfer snowboards took the nation by storm back then and now it is back and better than ever. Longtime snowboarder and designer Brew Moscarello redesigned and modified the original Snurfer. He gave the new board a modern spin. These boards are capable of keeping up with whatever you throw at them. There are no metal rails or bindings to get in the way. There are two shapes, the Classic Snurfer and the Nomad. These snowboards are ready to tackle a variety of snow conditions, twists, turns, and tricks.

Snurfer Nomad

Here are the features of the Snurfer Nomad:

  • Length: 46.5″ x Width: 8″
  • Weight: 2.75 lbs
  • Material: 7 Ply North American Hard Maple
  • Traction: 5mm EVA Foam Pads
  • Shape: Dual Channel Flat Bottom
  • Flex: Full

The Nomad has a flat-bottomed dual-channel base. It is slightly wider than the Classic Snurfer and has two foam pads showing you where to place your feet. Our experience is that the Nomad is slightly easier to ride for a beginner but not quite as fast as the Classic is for more advanced users.


Snurfer Classic

Here are the features of the Snurfer classic:

  • Length: 47″ x Width: 6.25″
  • Weight: 3.25 lbs
  • Material: 9 Ply North American Hard Maple
  • Traction: 4mm EVA Foam Strips
  • Shape: Retro V-Tail with Rocker
  • Flex: Firm

The Snurfer Classic comes in two colors, either red or yellow. The bottom is different than the Nomad, the Classic has V-tail concavity and a 60/40 rocker design. This board also has foam pads however there are three of them and they run almost the entire length of the board. An excellent board for any age, even advanced users. We had a 9 year old learn to enjoy this board thoroughly in just one afternoon.



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